Prepare Your Mixes For Mastering

I accept any digital format.  For best sound quality please provide me with the highest quality file possible.  For example, if your mixes were done at 24 bit/ 88.2k that would be the highest quality file.  No MP3s if at all possible. Please disable any extra pre mastering software (limiters or anything that was used to make it loud).  It gives me more room to work with.  Feel free to send me multiple versions if you are feeling indecisive (vocal up/down etc), I can help!


Have the album title, artist name, song order (with correct spellings) and ISRC codes (if necessary) ready for me before I start.  This will cut down on unnecessary back and forth immensely. Also provide me with any specific spacing/fade instructions. Note I do not provide ISRC codes, you must provide your own.


Please upload the mixes in a zip file and email via wetransfer or Dropbox. Or mail via CD-R, DVD-R, or any suitable storage medium.



I will supply you with master DDP complete with a player app that can export WAV files and burn CDs, or I can mail a Master CD if you prefer.  Simply upload the DDP I provide to the replicator, or I can mail out CD masters if DDPs aren't accepted (postage applicable).  

Attended Sessions

For the most part I work alone on my own schedule.  If you wish to attend a session, please contact me ahead of time as scheduling can be tough these days. It can be accomodated if need be.  

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