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As a musician first, I found myself drawn to mastering as the point of relief during the record making process where all of the work comes together as a finished product.  I am the drummer of the Grammy Nominated group Kneebody, and have been making music for most of my life in every genre. I have been engineering for 20 years (mastering for 15 of those), though it started mostly as a way of recording and mixing my own music.  I began engineering during the production of my solo albums, and this quickly turned into a busy schedule of recording and mixing for other bands. Eventually I made my way into mastering after becoming interested in what made the difference between a master I loved and one I didn't. I love music and sound, and I have always been interested in the euphoric feeling that great sounding music can bring.  


I built my mastering studio with a short list of great sounding analog tools that I picked specifically to be able to manipulate and enhance any kind of mix.  


The Studio is located in Ridgewood, Queens, NYC.

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