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Prepare Your Mixes For Mastering

I accept any digital format.  For best sound quality please provide me with the highest quality file possible.  For example, if your mixing/recording sessions were done at 24 bit/88.2k then send a 24 bit/88.2k stereo interleaved mix. Please disable any extra pre mastering software (limiters or anything that was used to make it loud). If the mixing was done into a limiter, send 2 versions (one with and one without limiting).  It gives me more room to work with.  Feel free to send me multiple versions if you are feeling indecisive (vocal up/down etc), I can help!


Have the album title, artist name, song order (with correct spellings) and ISRC codes (if necessary) ready for me before I start.  This will cut down on unnecessary back and forth immensely. Also provide me with any specific spacing/fade instructions. Note I do not provide ISRC codes, you must provide your own.


Please upload the mixes in a zip file and email via wetransfer or Dropbox. Or mail via CD-R, DVD-R, or any suitable storage medium.

For vinyl images: NOTE! The maximum length per side is 22 minutes. Sometimes you can find a replicator

who will agree to cut longer sides, but that seems to be getting increasingly hard to do. Regardless, your master will be quieter and sound a tad worse every minute over 22 minutes per side.



I will supply you with master DDP complete with a player app that can export WAV/MP3 files and burn CDs, or I can mail a Master CD if you prefer.  Simply upload the zipped DDP I provide to the replicator.

Attended Sessions

For the most part I work alone on my own schedule.  If you wish to attend a session, please contact me ahead of time as scheduling can be tough these days. It can be accomodated if need be.  

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